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Очень дёшево JOYE EGO, Клиры,Карты,Т-Атомы, Комплектуха
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This is a shortcoming of the Holy soldiers, one of the ancient sage forearm offering from refining, Wen Runjie white, but the above there are many cracks, damage, loss of divine power.

White Tiger FORTE, pushed the bone stick for several strike, the ancient god array tear open a large hole in the huge flaws, continues to expand.

Is the East Gate, outside the mountains were razed to the ground, the old nationalism led tens of thousands of troops, along with Gongsha.

The most terrible natural old family home in the hands of the stone ax, simple and minimalist, but glance-ism, which is handed down the holy soldiers the barbarians Story stay, no missing no time

It has unparalleled attack, an ax pixia the heavens million circles like a collapsed devastating breath so large settlement of the plains.


Royal is the East Gate is split, chipping opened a corner in front of the ancient defensive big fuss is difficult to stop in the footsteps of the army.

Is the West, Fan Ye handheld Goddess furnace led the way, flags fluttering behind him, tens of thousands of cavalry Pentium, stampede sky from rumble.

I opened

Fan Ye roared sun Holy operation, Current anode God burst, the fist big God furnace bright, crashed into the door to the Royal West.

The Shanbengdelie door crushed ancient sage planted a big fuss was torn a gap, tens of thousands of cavalry Scream, whole body shower carnage, full rush.


Fan Ye is a loud shout Goddess furnace impact in this ancient array, continuous vibration, becoming larger and larger array pattern flaws.


Eventually, the west gate was broken up, and tens of thousands of cavalry drive straight, Spike big stick, down the wall, house collapse

Kill at this moment, Hansha skies, are surrounded by the army.

Four ancient holy soldiers to clear the way, the Royal defense collapse of the large array becomes a dead array, lost a role.

Black dragon, white tiger two weapons of the patron saint of bad, but themselves strong enough to make up for this.

Royal immortal shortage ancient family, naturally strong enough, there are many vacant island of God, many of God Yue, all hanging in the sky, Silver Falls were drawn, very spectacular.

Tens of thousands of cavalry to kill one another an island with ancient Yue fragmented, falling down, royal master to meet the enemy, while chaos.

What are you people, why attack the royal? Some people drink like a fish.

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